NEW VIDEO – ‘Dying to kiss you’

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So….the first video to help promote the new album ‘Just like in the movies’ has been recorded, edited, and is now live on our Youtube channel. It has been an interesting experience. I decided to take on the job of videographer, director and editor, which meant i had to teach myself some filming/camera/video techniques, how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro software and much more. At some point in the future i will probably record a video about this process because it might help someone, who like myself, wants to try doing this themselves. However, right now i want people to watch the video rather than look for/think about how i put it all together.

The video has been recorded for the song ‘Dying to kiss you’. At first glance, people might think that this song is a typical love and relationship type of song, but its actually more than that. The song is actually about someone who suffers from anxiety, which maybe also leads to commitment issues. Their partner is basically saying ‘i’m here for you, i got your back, lean on me, let me help you navigate life’.

I actually started writing this song about 13 years ago for a sat nav TV commercial lol! It wasn’t used in the end as they decided to go a different route in terms of style and messaging. I’m glad, because i turned it into a rock song and then worked on it over the years to end up with the version found on the Just like in the movies album today.

At the planning stage of this video, when i was considering what the content should be, i was thinking that i wanted to use imagery which would support the song’s message. Since i love travel and going to different places, i thought i would include stock video clips from myself and other people, filmed while travelling in various countries. “I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go, through any street, on any road, you can count on me, i’ll take you where you want to be and you’ll be saying i’m……….Dying to kiss you.”

Hope you watch and like the video.





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  • Lynnette Wilkie says:

    Love it! The music is catchy & the sound is great. And it’s really good to get the story too. Talent! More please. 🌟👍

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