Everything for free!…….make sense?

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We all want everything for free these days don’t we? There is nothing better than getting something for nothing. However, when it comes to music, you can’t have absolutely everything for free unless you don’t care about quality at all, or you don’t want to get more of it on a regular basis. A musician who makes no profit has at some point got to make a decision. Does he or she get a real job and write/record music when they can, or do they focus all their time on something else that will allow them to pay their bills?

If a band gives all its music away for free, how can they then produce top class work? I recorded, produced and mixed my own album to save costs, and the results were quite good. However, how good could it have been if i had let a top professional record the album for me? The other thing to think about is how much time and effort it took for me to do everything on the album. Every minute i spent on the album was a minute i didn’t spend on something else. So what was the cost to myself really then? Can i or any other musician produce top quality work consistently forever if we give all our music away for free?

What about new artists coming through? How many will never develop their talents fully, maybe never write or record that amazing album they have in them? Can they even afford to be musicians? Music shouldn’t cost a fortune to buy, but if we want there to be good new music out there in future, we should be prepared to at least support artists a little bit.





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