Hi there,

thanks for stopping by.

Among other things, i am a British singer, guitarist and songwriter, originally from the Rock of Gibraltar and based in the UK. I like all kinds of music, mainly guitar based stuff, and the style just depends on what mood i’m in. Sometimes you just have to do something, and the creative part of me filled me with a need to write and record some songs. At some point i started thinking that maybe someone else, somewhere around our huge planet, might also like my music, hence the decision to share it.

The term ‘singer-songwriter’ makes people think of a dude and his acoustic guitar kinda thing, and my music doesn’t really fit into that picture. So i created Black Light Halo as a band style project. I have a bit of a mixed past. I have previously performed live in many different countries with original, cover and tribute bands. I have also appeared on radio and TV, done some vocal session work, worked on a celebrity fitness video, recorded an album in a second world war bomb shelter and recorded an album with producer Tony Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin and producer of several famous albums. I was a double finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest at the end of 2018, and so far in 2019 I am an International Songwriting Awards Rock Nominee.

Going forward, i’m planning on making some music videos and some behind the scenes/recording process type of videos for Youtube. I’m also planning on recording a song in Spanish and also writing a song specifically designed for ASMR. If you don’t know what that is…..Google it! So, if you like my music and want to keep in touch with what Black Light Halo is doing, music, videos, etc, then please join the mailing list.

In terms of musicians, at this time, i don’t know who i will work with in the future, particularly with regards to playing live, i will have to see who is available and game when the time comes! Recording this album has been a labour of love. Its been a long road. I sang all the vocals, played all the guitars, some of the keyboards and piano, wrote every word and every note of music.

I want to give a shout out to some friends of mine who gave up their time to play on the ‘Just like in the movies’ album. Jason ‘Easy’ Lewis on piano and keyboards (on ‘We were on a break’ & ‘Lost in the wind’), Scott Bonham on drums and my good friend Eddie Marco on bass guitar.

Many thanks,

George (BLack Light Halo)